Student Stories

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Hi, I'm Wilson from Hong Kong. I'm a Commercial Cookery student studying in Durban International College. It is always very easy and convenient to get to the college due to its location in CBD. I enjoy my study here.

Manhin Yu (Wilson) - Hong Kong, Commercial Cookery
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Hi, I'm Jakie from Malaysia. I'm undertaking Diploma of Leadership and Management course at the moment and I am really enjoyed studying at Durban, everyone has been so friendly and helpful. Durban also provides perfect study environment for student. I would definitely recommend Durban International College to anyone wishing to pursue their studies.

Kee, Siew Chia (Jakie) - Malaysia, Diploma of Leadership & Management
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As a member from a “Chef Family”, many of my relatives are either chefs or running restaurants. When we have barbecue at family get-together, usually I’m the only one who does not know how to cook. I finally decided to join this industry and started with Commercial cookery course in Durban International College. I enjoy studying with Durban International College


Vaibhav Khattri - India, Commercial Cookery & Diploma of Hospitality
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Being a person that pursuing professionalism in practical skills, I have studied IT. The idea to learn cookery has started since I worked in a restaurant. I like to study in Durban College, the teachers are very nice. Thanks to their help all the time!

Shivjeet Singh - India, Commercial Cookery & Diploma of Hospitality
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After started with Diploma of Business in Australia for a short time, I soon found that my interest is in Cookery and Hospitality, especially after I started working with Domino’s. I enjoy studying in Australia and working with local people. The multicultural friendly environment makes both Durban and Adelaide a better choice to study and live in.

Naseeb Dhillon - India, Commercial Cookery & Diploma of Hospitality
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I decided to study further and pursue a Diploma of Business after the Accounting study. Now, as a Shift Manager and Product Quality Manager of McDonald’s, I am glad to say that my decision of continuing study was a life changing moment to my life. My future plan is to complete CPA study & become a CPA. Good luck to me

Sachin Aggarwal - India, Diploma of Business
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