Automotive Technology



Automotive technology is the practical application of knowledge about self-propelled vehicles or machines. Students studying automotive technology learn about engine construction, fuel and ignition systems, power trains, brakes, transmissions, electronic and diagnostic equipment, and more.


Automotive technology students become skilled in operating a variety of hand and machine tools and are in charge of repairing and maintaining automobiles of all kinds. Students can also get involved in designing and constructing all kinds of automobiles. People who study automotive technology have good job security because all vehicles are bound to need repairs throughout their driving life.


People who study automotive technology have a strong desire to understand how things work. They are creative and logical. They have good organizational skills, along with good oral and written communication skills. The automotive technology field requires good problem solvers who are able to work in a team setting.


Automotive Course DIC Offers:


          Certificate III in Light Vehicle Mechanical Technology 

          Certificate IV in Automotive Mechanical Diagnosis

          Diploma of Automotive Technology 

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